Anovotek is a materials science-based company specializing in the research, development, commercialization and sales of performance technologies.

Anovotek was founded in 2003 by Don Alexander after leaving a successful career at one of the country’s leading textile companies. His dream was to fill a void that was leaving the industry stagnant and lacked quality innovation pipelines.

Anovotek exists to add quality to individuals' lives through performance materials and textiles.

We consider performance technologies to be any aspect - physical or chemical - that enhances the performance of the product itself or the consumer using it. While we have deep expertise in color and fashion, our focus is adding value to these products through new innovation.

Our core values, integrity, and experience guide our decisions through development, testing, and scaling up to ensure our customers can count on a comprehensive job, whether it’s a research project for a US military branch or a consumer product ready to be put on the shelves.

Anovotek has been fortunate to work with leading experts across the world in a variety of fields. Over time, we have assembled a team of experts with vast experience on tap for knowledge based on the needs for an associated product. Combining this powerful network with our full-time staff of over 100+ years of textile experience enables Anovotek to deliver quality results for your clients.

We work with a variety of clients from universities, non-profits, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and brands.