Antimicrobials stop the spread of a microorganism

An antimicrobial is any product that either slows or stops the spread of a microorganism. Microorganisms can be bacteria, viruses, protozoan, or fungi and can be invisible or visible, such as mildew or mold. Antimicrobials are useful in products for the workplace, home, recreation, or academic settings.

What Do Antimicrobials Do and How We Foster Them in the Marketplace?

Antimicrobials help in two different ways: they prevent an item from growing bacteria or other microorganisms, and they reduce odors. There are two types of antimicrobial application to products: topical and incorporated.

At Anovotek, we have worked with many different sectors of the antimicrobial market, including with a large US trade organization evaluating human biocide exposure from textiles and plastics.

We also assisted a Fortune 500 company in developing and commercializing a novel silver antimicrobial for textiles, as well as managing EPA registration and assisting with numerous product commercialization efforts.