Fresh ProTek Hand Towel Charcoal: Quick Drying, Anti-Odor

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Stop living in the past. Your bath towels hasn’t  changed since the 1800s…until now.  

You deserve towels that work as hard as you do. 

Even when you’re not around, your towel will continue working for your benefit. Our top of line antimicrobial treatment makes sure you don’t have to wash your towel as regularly as normal.

When you aren’t using the product, our antimicrobial treatment works hard to keep your towel fresh. Our antimicrobial treatment keeps your product fresh for up to ___ days without a wash

Warm, moist, nutrient rich environments tend to harbor odor causing bacteria – just like that wet towel hanging on the back of your door. This means there’s no better place to incorporate our natural antimicrobial performance than in cotton terry bath or hand towels. So breathe deep and feel fresh with our ProTek treated bath towels that smell out of the dryer fresh even after repeated use.


Fresh Protek for your handtowels.